Training and Development:



Want leaders and managers who are motivated, engaged and produce extraordinary results?

That’s what we do.

We provide results oriented,

cost effective training and development

in four critical areas:

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  1. BulletLeadership Development:

    Leaders produce change

  1. Leading With Vision and Values

  2. Leadership Fundamentals

  3. Influence and Negotiation Skills


  1. BulletManagement Development:

    Managers ensure that change

    is sustained over time

  1. Leading and Managing Others

  2. Feedback and Coaching

  3. Interviewing Skills

  4. Present and Persuade

  5. Conflict Resolution


  1. BulletTeam Development:

    A group becomes a team when the

    members are committed to

    producing results, committed to

    each other and are operating with

    a high level of trust

  1. Team Building


  1. BulletPersonal Development

  2. Coaching

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