Management Development


Create Talks and Speeches That

Capture Hearts and Change Minds


Present and Persuade trains participants in:

  1. Public speaking that communicates intimacy

  2. Techniques of persuasion

  3. Speech writing using language appropriate to the

    audience being addressed

  1. Creating and delivering presentations that convince an

    audience of one or one thousand


Present and Persuade

covers six topics:

  1. Analyzing the needs of audiences

  2. Creating a clear, concise and convincing script

  3. Preparing and using visual support

  4. Delivering presentations that are persuasive   

  5. Answering questions and handling resistance 

  6. Turning anxiety into excitement

Present and Persuade features:

  1.     Repeated skills practice

  2.     Pre-Program readings and assignments

  3.     Video recording of all presentations (taken home by participants)

  4.     Coaching during and after the process

  5.     The book, “Present and Persuade: Create Talks and Speeches That Capture Hearts and Change Minds”

Present and Persuade is:

  1.      Available in groups as well privately

      (click on Personal Development Coaching)