Management Development:



Feedback and Coaching trains participants in:

  1. Providing performance feedback that positively impacts

  2. performance. 

  3. Providing positive feedback that motivates and inspires.

  4. Providing “negative” feedback that is constructive and

  5. produces behavior change.

  6. Coaching skills that empower others to produce

  7. outstanding resulting


Feedback and Coaching

covers four topics:

  1. Listening to determine other’s needs and motivations

  2. Providing feedback that effects behavior

  3. Skills to handle resistance to change

  4. Coaching others

Feedback and Coaching features:

  1. Skills practice

  2. Pre-Program readings and assignments

  3. On-the-job application

  4. Coaching during and after the process

Feedback and Coaching is:

  1. Available in groups as well as privately

  2. (click on Personal Development Coaching)