Management Development:

Conflict Resolution


Conflict Resolution trains participants in:

  1. Resolving conflicts among individuals and teams

  2. Conflict resolution strategies at work

  3. Conflict management to resolve workplace disputes

  4. Negotiating “win-win” agreements to conflicts

Conflict Resolution covers

seven topics:

  1. Choosing the appropriate strategy

  2. Distinguishing wants from needs

  3. Listening: The “judo” of conflict resolution 

  4. Finding a “bridge” between opposing positions

  5. Tactfully asserting wants and needs

  6. Negotiating conflict through joint problem solving

  7. Ensuring long term implementation of solutions

Conflict Resolution features:

  1.     Repeated skills practice

  2.     Pre-Program readings and assignments

  3.     Coaching during and after the process

  4.     The book, Everyone Wins! Playing the Game of Conflict Resolution In All Your Relationships

Conflict Resolution is:

  1. Available in groups as well privately

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