Leading With Vision and Values 

develops leaders who:

  1. Are committed to the vision and values of the organization.

  2. Produce faster, higher quality results to which people are committed and not just compliant.

  3. Produce change

  4. Inspire others to participate in that change effort.

  5. Take action in areas where they were previously stopped or hesitant to act.

  6. Create collaborative agreements in conflict situations

  7. Produce teams that take responsibility for their results.

Leading With Vision and Values

trains and develops leaders in four principal topics:

  1. Leadership: The Call for Change

  2. Leading Change: Setting the Direction for Change

  3. Leading Change through Effective Influence

   (aligning, motivating and inspiring followers)

  1. Leading Change Through Effective Teamwork

Leading With Vision and Values features

  1. Individual developmental assessment 

  2. A personal development plan

  3. Skills practice

  4. On-the-job application

  5. Coaching during and after the process

Leading With Vision and Values is

a leadership skill development program:

  1. Over a 6-12 month period

  2. With 81/2 days of classroom sessions during which time:

  3. Participants simultaneously build, test, refine and apply their

    skills leading a real organizational change that produces measurable results.


Leadership Development