Leadership Development:

Influence and Negotiation Skills


Influence and Negotiation skills

trains participants in:

  1. Listening for wants and needs

  2. Asserting, persuading and inspiring others

  3. Leading using influence and negotiation

  4. Using effective influence and negotiation strategies

Influence and Negotiation Skills

covers four topics:

  1. Creating an influence and negotiation strategy

  2. Presenting a position using assertion, persuasion

    and/or inspiration

  1. Listening while building trust

  2. Developing win-win negotiated agreements

Influence and Negotiation Skills features:

  1. Skills practice

  2. Pre-Program influence and negotiation assignment

  3. On-the-job application

  4. Coaching during and after the program

Influence and Negotiation Skills is:

  1. Available in groups as well privately     

       (click on Personal Development Coaching )


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