ISBN 978-0-9797911-2-3

Read this book and whether you must persuade one person or a thousand,

you’ll learn how to:

  1.   Transform anxiety into excitement


  1.    Analyze the needs of the audiences to

        whom you present


  1.    Create a clear, concise and convincing


  1. Prepare and use visual support

  1.    Deliver presentations that are persuasive

  1.    Answer questions and handle resistance                                 

“Larry has done it again! He is a master at identifying the key elements of transforming a public presentation into a one-on-one interaction - “private speaking” - and making it all understandable and actionable. The structure and philosophy behind building an effective and high-impact presentation are revealed in a humorous and fast-paced read. I found myself nodding and chuckling in agreement as I read Present and Persuade. Larry's coaching can help all of us whose careers and personal successes are built upon leading and convincing others to support and follow us."

                                Steve Murdock

                                Senior Vice President

                                MediQuest Therapeutics

“Larry’s book is the “real deal.” Reading his book is like having your own personal coach to guide you through the most difficult situations. Larry provides easy to follow instructions for creating and presenting talks and speeches for any occasion and any audience. I found myself stopping throughout the book to make notes of the simple and powerful steps that he proposes. As I read, I kept finding answers to situations and audience needs that I’ve encountered in the past and will undoubtedly encounter in the future.”

                            Skip Reedy


                Critical Chain Project Management         



ISBN 0-911041-69-9
Read this book and you will learn 
how easily conflict can be resolved by:
    Choosing the appropriate strategy

    Distinguishing wants from needs

    Listening: The “judo” of conflict      resolution

    Finding a “bridge” between   
      opposing positions

    Tactfully asserting wants and needs

    Negotiating conflict through joint problem solving

    Ensuring long term implementation of solutions

"For anyone who would like to improve the ability to negotiate on small and large issues this is one of the best self help books to do it.  It feels like Larry is sitting across the table from you guiding your thinking and opening up your mind to other possibilities. A good read for us all."
Donna de St. Aubin
Principal, St. Aubin, Haggerty &                           Associates, Inc.
Co-author, Fifty plus One Tips When Hiring & Firing Employees
“What a great book! It has a nice easy style as well as a logical flow. The best part, of course, is that it contains a tremendous amount of highly useful ideas and behavioral approaches that can make a difference. Larry Barkan has made a significant contribution to a body of knowledge that can help people lead more productive lives.”
     Frank LaFasto
     Senior Vice President, 
     Organization Effectiveness
     Cardinal Health

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